I am Asa Pillsbury and this is my website.

A quick guide to me:
Male, born 1983 in western New York State, now living in Portland, Oregon;
aliases: Mandaliet, teiladnam (it's backwards!), Mandal't, Mandalietly;
hobbies: playing musical instruments, making videos of myself playing musical instruments, listening to music, listening to podcasts, playing computer games, watching TV, reading and commenting on The AV Club, chatting with fellow weirdos on Furcadia;
body type: massive;
facial hair: yes;
political leanings: far to the left and morally opposed to both major political parties in the US;
religion: none;
languages: pretty good at English, trying to learn German, also took classes in French;

Other things:

A bio I wrote a while ago
Pictures I took a while ago

Last update: August 30, 2018